a little bit about me…

Well to start off my name is Lisa but you probably have already gathered that by now aha. I have posted on and off with this blog about beauty and fashion in the past, however I recently I have found myself more and more wanting to post about other things that interest me – hence the rebrand to making this a fully fledged lifestyle blog! I can’t wait to talk about a wider range of topics from travel, food, style and all in all a conscious lifestyle so stay tuned for more!

CONTACT ME VIA- lisalamprecht4@gmail.com

Lisa x



6 thoughts on “a little bit about me…”

    1. Just checked out your site and found out that you film/direct! That is so cool, I was actually thinking of getting into that line of business, do you have any advice on how or where to start?

  1. Thanks for the like, dear 🙂 You might want to check my last post, a tribute to Beauty and Timeless Fashion…Have a sweet day!

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