My New ETSY Jewellery Shop

Hello people of the planet! So the other day in a bid to be productive I decided to set up my own Etsy shop. I think I’ve always wanted to do something enterprising/creative of my own, so heck why not do it now?! Its very small atm but it’s best start it that way before it bellyflopsbackwards am I right haha.

With only a couple of pieces I have handmade myself they are effortless boho, choker necktie necklaces. My new Etsy shop is under the name The Daiisy Club (one i was already taken haha) -not blondewaves like my blog name, I just randomly thought of it and really liked it. I might even consider changing my blog name to that haha, what do you think?Anyways I’ll leave you to check them out and tell me what you think…

(…sneak peak below)

Btw I’m also selling them on depop so go check that out too and give me a follow!┬áMy depop name is @lisamarial