.Serious Skylines.

I’ve been in such a mood to travel lately, I feel like I’m spending way too much time looking at beautiful places on pinterest haha. One thing that caught my eye was the variation of skylines you can come by across the world. There are so many amazing locations it is interesting to see how they can be represented through a skyline compared to how you might normally imagine that place to be. As for a change I thought I’d leave out some of the usual skylines we know well of and show you some new ones maybe you haven’t come across!

Istanbul – I love the contrasting views of this one, from that of the city and the Bosphorus bridge which connects Asia to Europe to that of the Mosques.

Shanghai – This is supposed to be one of the most impressive skylines in the world and considering the size of the city I’d believe it. It just looks insane!

Rio De Janeiro – Probably has to be one of my favourite because I just love the way the city is intertwined through the hills and greenery, it makes a pretty serious skyline.

Taipei – In Taiwan it stands out with a single skyscraper (until recently the tallest in the world) that towers over the city leaving an impressive view especially for those who hike up Elephant mountain!

London – Okay so I know I said I would try and do different skylines to the usual ones you see but being British I simply couldn’t leave off the lovely London now could I? With its contrast of old and new buildings it makes a great example of showing how times have delevoped!

What’s you fav skyline?!